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Votion Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT) Solutions

Caller Ring Back Tone – Is a service that allows the caller to hear subscriber pre defined song or audio clip instead of standard Ring Ring tone until the subscriber picks up the call. Votion CRBT platform works across GSM, CDMA or regular landline. This service is proven as a solid revenue generator for the operator and consumers are also excited.


With Votion your company can implement CRBT with very low cost but with solid solution. You can start your CRBT service very fast and proven.

Key Features:

  •     Consumers can create their on album and shuffle songs as per there preference or mood.
  •     Consumer can also set Reverse RBT, enabling them to hear what they want to well they call up someone.
  •     User Based RBT, Consumer can chose different RBT for each user caller
  •     Random RBT, every time caller will call and will be greeted with new song on random basis.
  •     Caller can copy RBT, if he likes to be his own by just pressing a key
  •     Time and Geography based RBT

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